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Testimonials About A Carmel Haven Day Spa!

"Mary is a god send. My husband could not even stand to wash a few plates in the kitchen sink without having to stop and rub his painful hip. After even just one session with Mary, he was able to go for a walk with me for the first time in .... well, it was so long ago I can't remember.

For those that have a loved one that lives with chronic and debilitating pain, you can just imagine the joy I felt when after each session with Mary my husband was able to stand taller, pain free with a huge smile on his face."

- Lunita S., Marina, CA

"I found Mary through Yelp. After reading the amazing reviews, I knew I had to see her. Luckily I was able to get an appointment during a brief visit to Carmel and that visit changed my life!

Mary sat down with me to ask what brought me in. I've been battling 'frozen shoulder' for many months with many varying treatments - all with no real success. Mary asked about, stress, relationships, exercise etc and after some much needed comments and suggestions, off we went for a treatment. I knew this was going to be like nothing else I had experienced but I had no idea it would be life changing.

Mary spent a lot of time on my feet. (Maybe it's because she told me out of the 1000's of clients she has worked on, I had the softest feet - thx Mary) She honed in on certain areas of course which she explained were a direct correlation to my shoulder pain. After the feet she moved to my head and face. Again, who knew a pressure point above my eyebrow could make my toes curl. It was like she had some sort of detection device that enabled her to focus exactly on the area that needed work.

During the time she was working on my feet and my head, I literally felt a shift in my body. It was like the circuits opened up. It's very hard to explain, but I literally felt different. It was like my senses were heightened. Mary worked on me for 2 hours and she was able to release so much pain, tension and bottled up feelings. If I were to compare a treatment from Mary to a typical therapeutic massage, I would say a typical massage is like getting your car washed. Yes it looks better and makes you feel good to have a clean car, but when you drive away, you still have old oil and old spark plugs. Mary gets under the hood, she checks your oil, she checks your spark plugs, she makes sure you aren't driving your vehicle in a dangerous manner. By the way, at the end of the treatment, I had MUCH MORE MOBILITY in my shoulder and MUCH LESS pain.

Although I live out of town, I plan to make Mary a part of my tune ups. She is truly a miracle worker and you owe it to yourself to see her!"

- Jennifer P., Palo Alto, CA

"'Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness is important to me; therefore, each of my sessions are expressly tailored to your needs.' That is Mary Vantran's philosophy and that is the type of treatment I received at my first visit to A Carmel Haven.

Chinese Medical Massage always intrigued me but I never experienced it myself. It sounded like something I needed and I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I called and set up an appointment immediately after I crusied throught the Pine Cone this week and saw Mary Vantran's advertisement which caught my attention.

Heads up: Her telephone number is printed incorrectly, the correct number is 831-624-3683 not -3863.

I've been under a lot of stress from several different factors in my life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy myself on a daily/nightly basis and do NOT live within my means etc.. but emotionally and with stress I keep everything inside and have not been taking care of myself these last few years. My drinking and unhealthy habits have taken a toll on my body. I feel much older than I am.

I recommend a session with Mary if your body cries for some help. I get "pampering" massages minimum twice a month but found Mary's treatment incredibly different both on a physical and mental level. She combines theraputic massage, with reflexology, energy work and a form of treatment similar to accupuncture but minus the needles... acupressure.

For the first time in months, I regained my range of motion in my upper chest area which I can feel a difference when I switch lanes while driving - I can actually turn my neck with ease. She opened up many things (I feel like I did yoga non-stop for a month, that good) besides tight muscles in my body and touched my mind.

As Mary pressed and massaged specific points in my foot (outter ridge of my left and right) I felt another part of my body send my brain a signal. Mary told me it was connected to my shoulder area... Bingo! That is what's killing me the most! I used to be a fit person and I haven't been able to crack my back (while lying down) because I was so tight all over. I mean it hurt to lay down and I currently feel much better. I can "feel" my body again.

She also worked on a tender spot, my right front portion of my head. I hydroplaned in 2004 going 80mph on Hwy 280 and she worked on that area. It felt less tense for the first time in 6 years.

I can stretch with much more ease now and I don't feel like I'm fighting with my body but working more with it or in tune. Mary does a lot of explaining for you, if you are interested that is and since I'm not familiar with this type of practice I really appreciated the extra time she spent with me.

There were also knots in places I've never dreamed of like in my arm pits...size of a young man's fist. I'm serious.

Mary is also a great listener and although I'm not a spiritual person, I do feel that she hit me on a spiritual level somehow. After a few minutes into my massage, I asked if I can go ahead and do a whole hour. I started to feel a difference right away and I just got my tax refund.

The studio is very calming, clean and is a nice size for her private practice. Her credentials are incredible and go way back. I look forward to a follow-up as I need much more work done. Treatment is not cheap but it is so worth it especially since it makes my body work better therefore live better."

- Shiho F., Carmel by the Sea, CA

"Mary is such an amazing woman and healer. I went to see her while I was on vacation and loved it so much, I went back for another 2 hour session two days later. She does a combination of medical qi gong, massage, and intuitive healing that I have never experienced before. She also gives great advice on nutrition and lifestyle. I felt an instant connection with her and got the feeling that she is sincerely interested in my well being and helping me heal! Highly recommended!"

- Andrea M., San Francisco, CA

"Mary is an amazing technician for deep tissue structural body work. She is far superior to any Active Release Therapy (ART), chiropractor, acupuncture, or acupressure provider that I have ever tried. She is uncanny at characterizing your problem, and correcting issues such as back, hip, and neck pain. Mary will cure your pain and discomfort, do not go to her if your looking for what most people thing of as a "massage", she is all about eastern medicine physical treatment. She has energy and power in her hands and you feel it as she provides her physical therapy body work. I have never been to anyone as effective as Mary, not even close. She is worth every penny and she gives you everything she has, every time. I was amazed when she worked on me for almost two and a half hours when I assumed that what I was paying for was only 80 minutes of therapy. Her explanation... I needed the additional body work and she could not stop when she was making so much progress. She did what she said she would do the first time I met her, which was "I can fix that.". When I compare the fee Mary charges to ART, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Doctors, and physical therapists, she was a deal for what she does. One other thing, she has eastern medicine knowledge that is indeed impressive, and her approach is both physical and mental."

- Chuck N., Carmichael, CA

"I tried Mary after I saw the other reviews on this site. I was slightly skeptical, especially when I learned her fees, which are fairly pricey. I almost cancelled my appointment and scheduled one at a "regular" day spa. But... I am so glad I didn't. Mary's massage was everything the others have said. She has a background in "medical qigong" and honed in on spots I had no idea were holding pain / blocking energy flow. I had a major unexpected release that ended up being quite emotional during my session. Mary held the space with great care and professionalism, and I was deeply grateful. Afterwards, I walked down Ocean Avenue and felt like I had a new body. At a day spa I might have gotten a relaxing experience, but with Mary I got real healing. Thank you, Mary."

- S T., Palo Alto, CA

"Mary was amazing. I can tell you she is completely focused and in tune with the bodies of her clients. I left feeling like I had been in a healing therapy session. There was very little talking, but what she did say allowed me to go deeper, relax more, and find incredible balance when I left. I do believe that our whole beings are connected, that if I am holding on to long time judgement and bitterness towards someone it will manifest in some way physically and emotionally. It felt like in the body work she did something that was stuck was able to be released and since that point I've been able to let go of long-held issues that I've been trying to deal with for years. Since that day I've been told I look different. I truly think Mary was a catalyst for the changes I wanted to make in my life. And all simply through her healing touch. Thank you Mary. Thank you thank you thank you."

- Nicole R., Mountain View, CA

"From a severe sport injury 50 yrs. ago, my feet are now full of arthritis. I had to plan ahead how to land on my feet with out too much pain, I could only walk a few steps at a time. I’ve seen Mary 3 times, I can walk a mile today. I’m looking forward to seeing her every week."

- Anthony Smith M.D.

"The severe pain caused by a foot neuroma was relieved immediately by the treatment by Mary Vantran."

- Ed Jarvis D.C., Pacific Grove

"I suffered from bronchitis for over a month. I ran out of energy & felt blue. After a 2 hour treatment with Mary, I felt charged up, balanced & relaxed. I felt even better the next day and went swimming without pain on my neck & shoulders."

- Ali Miner

"At 75, I suffered from unbearable pain from my bunion, bone spur, flat feet, cramped legs plus fibromyalgia. Mary Vantran’s treatment released my pain, I feel like a new man."

- Bob G., Carmel

"I fell down in my high heel shoes and jammed my feet. After 2 months taking pills and treatments, the pain traveled up to my hips, shoulders and neck. Mary restored my legs, body and mind."

- Deirdre, Monterey

"As a busy waitress, I stand on my feet for at least 8 hours a day. My feet and I are in heaven when Mary works on them."

- Victoria, Carmel

"4 year old Nathan jumped off stairs & hurt his foot. Mary fixed it and he runs again."

- Suzanne, Visitor HAPPY FEET THERAPY by Mary Vantran


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